epsonDe eerste 3LCD-projector werd in 1989 geïntroduceerd en nu, ruim 25 jaar later, heeft Epson wereldwijd al 20 miljoen projectoren uitgerust met deze techniek verkocht. Mede dankzij de 3LCD technologie is Epson al 15 jaar ’s werelds grootste fabrikant van projectoren.

Dit was het engelse persbericht:

Epson launched its first 3LCD projectors in 1989. Today, presentations projected on-screen in a large format are taken for granted, but this practice did not exist until the mid-1990s, when Epson released the ELP-3000, a compact, lightweight, portable, and bright projector. This pioneering product carved out an entirely new market for projectors and made big-screen presentations an integral part of business. Applications for projectors have now expanded, for example, for business presentations in offices, for home theaters, for education, and for professional uses such as concerts and other events. By continuing to develop 3LCD projectors that fulfill the demands of these markets, Epson has been able to maintain its position as the world’s No.1* supplier of projectors for 15 successive years and to achieve this milestone in cumulative global sales.

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